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What Color Glaze Should You Pick?

Color Glaze

What Color Glaze Should You Pick?

Re-glazing your tub will make it look like new again. Because it is such an effective restoration method, homeowners save their tubs instead of hauling them away, and save hundreds of dollars by not having to buy a new tub. Glaze is offered in numerous colors, so you must consider a few things so that you can select the proper color glaze for your bathtub.

Many decades ago, avocado green was a popular color for a tub. Now, retro colors are coming back; however, green is not very appealing to some homeowners. If you want something more modern, select a neutral color glaze because it will never go out of style.

If you want a shade that is easy to clean, choose an almond, white, or off-white color glaze. Either of these colors will look great after you aggressively scrub the surfaces of your tub.

Color Glaze Scheme Advice

A white scheme will give your bathroom a distinctive look. To design the bathroom properly, you must blend white color elements with other color combinations. Never paint every element in the bathroom white because the end result will be too striking.

In the past, many homeowners selected white color schemes because white surfaces promote cleanliness. Today, however, professional designers use neutral colors on bathroom walls and ceilings; the only elements that are white are the fixtures.

Paint Color Advice

According to experts, the best color for modern bathrooms is blue. By painting a bathroom Sky Blue, the space will seem more airy because the bathroom will be as bright as the sky in the summer. To achieve the best results, shades of white must be blended with different shades of purple and blue. This technique gives the bathroom a unique and sophisticated vibe. However, if you prefer a more exciting and fun effect, use bold accent colors, such as blue-green, orange, or turquoise. To complete the design, install textured surfaces around the fixtures because the rich appeal of the wood contrasts nicely with glossy smooth surfaces.

Bonus Advice – How To Protect a Color Glaze Finish

After a technician re-glazes your tub, you must follow a few rules to protect the surface. Each week, clean the tub with 2 tablespoons of dish soap and warm water. Gentle apply the solution to the surface with a soft sponge. When the tub is spotless, rinse the surface with cold water.

Whenever the tub becomes heavily soiled, deep-clean it with one-four cup of baking soda, one-four cup of ammonia, and a gallon of warm water. To remove the grime, apply the solution on the dirty surfaces with a soft sponge and scrub continuously. Finally, rinse away the dirt with cold water.

Once a month, polish the tub with lemon oil to improve its luster.

When the paint cracks or chips, the affected area must be restored immediately by a skilled technician. A technician will apply a metal primer over the exposed metal. Then, a waterproof epoxy paint will be applied over the primer. If there are any scratches on or in the tub, the technician will use a 600-grit sandpaper to buff them away.

Overall, always choose a tub glaze color that matches the color scheme of your bathroom. After the technician completes the project, follow the proper steps to protect your investment.