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Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When thinking about renovating rooms in your home, you generally forget about certain areas. One of these areas is bathrooms, especially if they are a smaller, secondary bathroom. Here are some Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms. Even with little space, you can give your small bathroom a facelift with these amazing renovation ideas.

Touch Up Those Walls

It may seem minimal, but just repainting the bathroom can give it a brand new look and feel. Get creative by using these various techniques to get your bathroom walls a fresh look.

    • Look at the different types of paint. You can go with a textured look or a glossy or matte paint.
    • Add borders or stencil some designs onto the wall to give it a truly unique, personalized look.
    • Create a custom backsplash for your sink. Whether it’s a tile or wood material, it can pump up the look of your bathroom.

Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms: Replace Fixtures

Another great idea for renovating your small bathroom is to replace all the different fixtures that are throughout the area.

Here are the top three renovation ideas for small bathrooms to give your bathroom a fresh look.

1. Look at the lighting fixtures and the bathroom exhaust fan. You can replace those by going down to your local hardware store and installing them yourself.

2. What type of sink does your bathroom have? If it’s old and outdated you have a few options, you could either replace the whole sink or you can reglaze it and make it look new.

3. Bathroom cabinets can either be ripped out and replaced or you can just replace a few details such as the knobs or handles giving it a completely new look.

Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms: Flooring

If your bathroom is small, replacing the floor does not have to be a tedious task. If your floor in linoleum, you could always rip that up and go with tile. An easier way to renovate that linoleum would be to go over it with sticky tile. Peel and stick tiles can be laid over the old linoleum without any mess or tear up.

Replace the Little Things

When thinking about what needs to be done, little things such as a towel rack or towel bar can help your bathroom look and feel new again. While you’re at it, you can also replace shower curtains and towels to give a new color scheme to your bathroom. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could change what type of shower enclosure you have. If you have a shower curtain rod, why not think about putting up sliding glass doors on your tub? Or if you have the glass doors, you could always remove them and go with the simplicity of a shower curtain. However you decide to renovate your small bathroom, there are amazing options out there for every budget as well as skill level. You can do it yourself or hire someone. Whatever you decide when you renovate a small bathroom, you not only add value to your home, but you also get an aesthetically pleasing design to brighten up your home.