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Is Reglazing Right for You?


Is Reglazing Right for You?

Reglazing a countertop or tub is a transformative process to renew the surface with a chemically bonded polymer layer. Professionals repair any chips on the surface while adding several layers of acrylic polymer to complete the new look. Although you may wonder if a replacement counter or tub would look better than reglazing, reglazing is actually the more affordable and cost-effective choice. Here are a few reasons that reglazing may be the better option:

Reglazing When Avoiding a Remodel

You may not have the time or money for a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel so reglazing allows you to avoid this process. Once a tub is removed, for example, extra repairs could be necessary to shore up the plumbing and fixtures. Tiling, flooring and other materials must be replaced, adding to the overall cost. A reglazing only deals with the item itself while preserving any materials surrounding it.

Being Gentle with the Earth

If you try to stay “green” with recycling and other Earth-friendly habits, reglazing allows you to keep a perfectly functional material in the home. Throwing out an old tub because of a chip only adds to local landfill volumes. You’ll keep the material longer while enjoying its look in the home. Consider reglazing all your countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Along with a fresh paint job, the home will appear to have completely new materials.

It’s a Vintage Model

Some counters and tubs just can’t be found in the marketplace anymore. Vintage claw foot tubs are still popular selections, but the best ones aren’t the mass-produced types. Don’t throw that tub out, but reglaze it to turn back time. When you have a home that reflects a vintage feel, replacing any major materials with modern styles takes away from the décor. The new finish only highlights the piece for home value boosts.

Reglazing Item Ready in 24 Hours

Whether you install a new tub yourself or hire a professional, the replacement process typically takes days or weeks, depending on the additional items associated with the project. A reglazing takes only one day for even a thickly applied coating, allowing you to bask in the tub within 24 hours. Countertops offer the same ease, saving you from eating out for weeks because the kitchen isn’t usable.

When Replacement is Necessary

Reglazing fixes almost any surface issues, but there could be extensive damage that warrants a replacement. Cracks extending through the tub or countertop affect the material’s weight distribution and durability. Even if a professional covers a crack, the instability still remains. A replacement is a better choice for heavily damaged items. A professional can give you their honest opinion about your countertop or tub to make a final decision. You don’t want to invest in re glazing when the crack simply appears again from stress fractures.

Talking to a professional about your unique home needs is a smart place to start. They can recommend repair ideas to match your desires and style. Reglazing is a fast and inexpensive way to make a counter or tub appear brand new. For residents looking to sell a home, reglazing poses a tempting way to boost value.